Monday, 5 December 2016

Origins of Christmas

WALT research about the origins of Christmas

Today we got given a tasks to research about the origins of Christmas. It was a tasks that I did with my partner (Petra) and the tasks got me going. On the last slide, it shows what you don't know about Christmas and on the other slides, it tell you everything about what you need to know. We had chosen 5 songs to do for this tasks and it was Christmas carols.

I hope you enjoy reading what you don't know or interesting facts,

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

ThankYou Card !!!

Today, I got given a tasks to do which was making a Thank You card to the teacher I was with last week and who stood out to me the most. The teacher that stood out to me last week was one of our school teacher's Miss Morrison. She wasn't the only that stood out but the best teacher last week was Miss Ashley. They both had did a lot of fun things they did in their groups and some of the days, I was with them. The letter says it all but Miss Ashley you were the best as well.

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Thank You Miss Morrison and hope you enjoyed reading...

Monday, 28 November 2016

Diamond Poetry (EOTC)

WALT write a Diamond Poetry

Today, we had got given a tasks to do and it was called a Diamond Poetry. What we had to do was do a Diamond Poetry about our favourite thing, our classroom and our last day. It was a really fun and thinking tasks to do but here is my Diamond Poetry I have come up with.

My Favourite thing:
Tired, Relaxed,
Eating, Watching, Sleeping,
Calm, Massive,

The Classroom:
Room 8,
Loud, Focused,
Talking, Learning, Blogging,
Anxious, Confident,

The Last Day:
Enthusiastic, Eager,
Working, Thinking, Writing,
Determined, Helpful,
Team Building,

I really hope you enjoyed reading my Diamond Poetry...

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Bloom's Taxonomy

WALT use Bloom's Taxonomy to critically summarize a current event

Today, the people that didn't go camp had to do a current events tasks. It is a tasks that you have to find a story to read about and answer the questions given to you on each slide. I did a story called (Coming Second Place) and the story was all about how the NZ woman seven's came second place. They had got beaten by Australia and they feel guttered because they thought they put down NZ. This story is really interesting to read and you should read it.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

EOTC Photos

This week was the year 4-6 EOTC but some of the year 7-8 had went with them as well because they didn't go to Camp. On this google drawing, it shows all the photos we had did this whole week but there is more photo's. It was a good and enjoyment week because we had been places and stayed at school as well.

I really enjoyed this week's EOTC and I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures...

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My EOTC Reflection

WALT reflect on EOTC

Today we had got given a tasks to do. It was all about talking about what we did all week. The things we had did all week were:

  • Bowling
  • Lazer Strike
  • MiniGolf
  • Team Building
  • Slip and Slide
  • Movies
  • Reflection
Those are the things we had did all week and it was a really fun week while the year 7-8 had went to camp. On this google drawing, it has questions and we had to answer them but for each verse, we had to do 50 words and the last verse we had to use 75 words and I managed to complete that.

I really hope you had fun reading what we did all week...

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My EOTC Week

WALT reflect on this week's EOTC

Today, We had got given a tasks to do with our peers. This week has been a really busy and fun week because we had been out places and stayed at school, doing Team building and Fun games. On this presentation, it has everything you need to know about this week's EOTC and on this presentation it has a lot of information and a little bit of pictures. This is all about my EOTC Week.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week...

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