Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Selling Mansion for $1

WALT create a DLO on what we have been reading.

This google drawing is a story that I have been reading.This story is called Historic Mansion for $1 but I made it short and did Selling Mansion for $1.Here you can see photo's of what the house looks like.Inside the house is piles of wood and ripped walls inside and on the outside is trees sticked on to it.

I hope you enjoyed and know what I am talking about.

Yours Sincerely Paris


Iasinita Taue said...

WOW Paris,
That's Amazing And Scary At The Same Time But Whoever Brought it Didn't Waste Like 10000 Dollars On An Old Historic Mansion.
From Ajani

Petra Lawrence said...

Gosh $1 is very cheap to be selling a house for! What country/area was the house being sold in Paris?
Perhaps next time you could include a link to the article you are writing about.

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