Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rugby Game

On saturday was a really bad,dumb weather and because it was my brother's rugby game on that bad,dumb weather.My brother's game was out west in St Luke's.First off we went to war memorial park and it was the wrong rugby field.Then we went to the shops and asked them if they knew where St Luke's was.They shop keeper's directed us to the rugby field and we saw his team.My brother plays for the Marist Gunners and it is a really good team.For there rugby trainings on wednesday's they do 1 hour of fitness and 1 hour of rugby training on how to pass the ball out wide and all rugby drills.But then when it comes to his games he is really tough and tackles when people try to run away.The game starts at 10:30am to 11:30am.When he finishes his game he gets whatever he wants after his game and that they have won.They hand shake and then it is time to eat for him.

What a day with a bad weather and a good game.

Hope you had fun Curtys and all Curtys team players.


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