Thursday, 13 October 2016


WALT list down some of the things we do in a celebration

All I think of when I hear the word celebration is having fun, enjoying time, getting along and spending time with your friends or family. Celebrations can be known as Birthdays, Family Meetings, Graduation, Honey moons and many more but there is only one thing people love to do, a birthday party. Have you been to a birthday party before? What do you hear at a celebration? And why does celebrations happen?... To me I think celebrating is like showing respect to someone on their special something and a celebration is a day where kids get heaps of food while their parents are outside drinking and having a peaceful day. The only thing kids want on a celebration is munchies and presents but that’s what happens when you have your own special day.
This is the topic to our school learning for term 4 at TPS.

Here is my work of the list we do in a celebration

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