Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Percy Jackson-The lightning thief

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief
Movie Questions

Today we have watched a movie called Percy Jackson-The lightning thief.

WALT answer the questions down below and blog it.

This document is all about Percy Jackson getting the lightning bolt for Zeus and we did this because it was part of our Term 2 topic Myths and Legends.

Here are the questions and the answers...

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  1. What is the relationship between Zeus and Poseidon?Zeus and Poseidon are brothers.
  2. What learning difficulties has Percy been diagnosed with?Percy’s diagnosed that he was with was DYSLEXIA and ADHD.
  3. Who is Zeus’s father?The father of Zeus was Kronos.
  4. What type of mythical creature does the substitute teacher change into before attacking Percy?The mythical creature that the substitute teacher changed into was a Fury.
  5. Why can’t Percy’s mum get into the camp?Percy’s mum didn't make it into camp because she wasn’t a demigod or a half god.
  6. How are Percy’s learning difficulties related to him being a demigod?The difficulties related to Percy Jackson of him being a demi-god was that his father must of talking to him.
  7. What is the name of Annabeth's mum?The mother of Annabeth’s is Athena.
  8. How did Percy’s mum protect him by being married to Gabe?Percy protected his mum by being married with Gabe was that he was a foul odor.
  9. How does Percy look at Medusa without turning to stone?Without turning the stone Percy used his ipod to look at Medusa.
  10. How do the three heroes defeat the Hydra?The three heroes defeated the hydra by using Medusa head.
  11. How does going into the Lotus Casino affect Percy’s Quest?The affect that happened to Percy was that they stayed at the casino for 5 days and they felt like it was only hours.
  12. Who stole Zeus’s lightning bolt?The person who stole the lightning bolt was Luke.
  13. Where is the entrance to Olympus?The entrance of olympus was at the empire state building at the top of the roof.
  14. Who does Percy Jackson fight at the end?The person Percy had fought at the end was Luke.
  15. How did Percy defeat his enemy?Percy defeated his enemy by using his water power to get the lightning bolt back.
  16. What motivated Luke steal the lightning bolt?Luke motivated from stealing the lightning bolt and he put it into Percy’s shield.


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