Friday, 4 March 2016

S.E.E Structure

S.E.E Structure

WALT use the S.E.E structure to answer the questions above (Why would the language of a larger or more powerful group take over the language of a smaller group)

Right now I am going to show you my S.E.E structure down below.S is Statement , E is Explaining and E is Example.I have tried to put more quality into my S.E.E structure so I can move up in my learning.
This is a level 4-6 writing tasks.

Here it is

This statement shows why a larger group has a powerful language and that can take over a smaller language with less power.

A larger group of people can take away the smaller groups powerful language and the smaller group can not take the powerful language away because they have less power

A powerful stronger language means that they can take over a smaller group of people because they have the power to take it away from them.

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