Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Novel Study - The BFG

WALT reflect on the BFG story by Roald Dahl

Today was the day we had finished reading the whole book of BFG , written and published by Roald Dahl.Our learning task for today was to find one of the key ideas in the story.First we have to choose one key idea , use examples and use evidence….

This is my tasks....

My key ideas that I am going to be using is , Never Giving Up and Friendship…..

Example-In the story , Sophie and The BFG were both energetic to never give up , and to look for the queen.They were both travelling from the orphanage and they had a really good time bonding.He had been protecting her ever since he got to know her and they had a really tight friendship , as like they are becoming best friends.Sophie was always there with him no matter what had happened , and she has been inside his ear as they have been travelling.She hasn’t been eating for the last 1 or 2 days until she got to the queen’s palace.They have been really good partners as they have been travelling to the queen's palace.They had a really exciting adventure.


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