Friday, 12 August 2016

Huriana Manuel

Huriana Manuel plays centre and she is the captain for the Women’s Sevens….

The best two skills for Huriana Manuel is being a try saver known as (defending the other team to not score) and playing the position of centre.The mostess tries she had got for the 2016 Rio Olympics was 18.In the end , the overall score together was 52 to 31 versing Kenya.She played Centre for the rest of her rugby life.

Huriana wanted to become a rugby player when she was 10 years old and 15 years later she became what she wanted to be.The news had spread saying that there is going to be a Woman’s Seven Rugby Team competing for the Rio Olympics and she thought of joining the best New Zealand Girls Rugby Team.She is now competing for the Rio Olympics right now for 2016.She hasn’t been playing rugby recovering to the injury for another 3 month.

Huriana two dreams that she wants to do when she ends the lifetime of rugby is being a pro surfer and traveling the world.Being a pro surfer was a big thing to her when she was playing rugby but she thought of rugby first.She has now achieved her goals on what she wants to be.The person that made her chase her dreams was her rugby coach (Sean Horan).

She chose one goal and stuck to it and the goal was Rugby…...

Huriana Manuel was a rugby player that would always encourage others to try their best and not give up no matter what happens.She is a inspiration to others.

Here are some photos of Huriana Manuel:

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