Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Challenges of hosting

Today for reading, (Amazing Analysers, & Brilliant Inferes...) came together as a group, and worked together to find out what the challenges are.As we gathered into groups of 5, we then separated ourselves, and gave us 1 different option to read about, and then inform and fill the box with the information we were able to find during reading the story.
Here are 5 options each person in pr group had to read about...
  • Political Impacts
  • Police and Legacy Impacts
  • Economic Impacts
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Health Impacts
Here are the boxes we filled, and the information we found!

Political Impacts

The political crisis.
In Brazil there is a problems with the politics. The reason why? It all started in December where their was a corruption scandal that is was threatened to boil over. While that was happening the president Dilma Rousseff won the re-election for the second term in 2014. The corruption scandal aka the operation car wash was investigated for 2 years up to now. On the brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, reports that Vice president Michel Temer was accused of attempted murder for the corruption scandal.
Police & Legacy Impacts

The police and legacy crisis.
In Brazil there is a major problem with the policemen.Over the years that went past , innocents have been killed and now the people find it hard to walk the streets.In 2014, 580 people have died and in 2015, 645 people have been killed and that is a overall of 1,225 people who have died.Brazil police rank the worlds most deadly.

The games themselves haven’t been immune to budget cuts, but as brazil faces further cuts in the immediate future, it’s becoming clear that the money it has spent on the games could have been better utilized.
Environmental Impacts


Every olympics naturally comes with environmental problems, and questions. When the Associated Press analyzed the bay water, they found that it was still disgusting. The IOC won’t let themselves test on the water.

The zika virus is a minor health problem in Brazil.Doctors believed that the zika virus wouldn't have much of an impact on the olympics but a lot of athletes are still thinking of not going because of the virus.Others have chosen to get quarantined instead. The government sent military and health professionals to cleanse Rio of mosquitoes, and promised that athletes and fans wouldn’t face much risk.


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