Monday, 31 October 2016

Food and Treats

WALT: write about what we read about today.
Today for Sustain Silent Reading we had o read a book and I chose Science Of Food Treats. I chose this book because I really like food and I thought that it'll be really interesting learning about food. So when I first read this book it mostly had the science behind jelly,cookies,whipped
cream,hundreds and thousands and soft drinks. It also had methods on how to make these things and I think when I get home today I am going to make these things because I really wanna eat it. I will tell you how to make Hundreds & Thousands. FIrst you have to get the ingredients which is starch and sugar then it goes through a machine which adds powder like icing sugar and then the dry ingredients get put in a machine that coats them in a rotating pan then it sieves them into 8 different machines they then colour all the containers different colours then they are dried in a heat room and there ready to get shipped off. This book was really about Chocolate Chip Cookies, Whipped Cream and Jelly


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